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Pinot Noir Tasting At The Conche

"Wine is life." --- Petronius, Roman writer Event Details    During this event we will taste two Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley and the North Coast while indulge in The Conche's chocolate inspire menu."The Conche Is an exclusive chocolate theme...

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Taste Of The New World

“Either give me more wine or leave me alone.”― Rumi Event Details     Let take a trip to Baltimore and try one of their amazing and unique restaurants, "Foraged Eatery." Foraged Eatery is a hyper-seasonal restaurant located in the Hampden neighborhood of...

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Malbec: France vs. Argentina

"Oh some are fond of Spanish wine, and some are fond of French." John Masefield (1878-1967) "Captain Stratton's Fancy" Event Details Do you know your Malbecs? During this event we will taste four delicious Malbec from France and Argentina. See if you can figure out...

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Have You Tried

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory...

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Red White & Rosé

"Rosé is a wine that entertains long before it even passes your lips. Its comely colors have in fact been likened to sunset in a glass. With better bottles, its bouquet will live up to its look, refreshing you with juicy red fruits ... joined sometimes by floral...

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Wine Monday at Barcelona Wine Bar 14th

  Join us for our Monthly Meet & Greet at Barcelona 14th. During this event, we will welcome our new member and celebrate our current members while exploring Barcelona Wine Bar's extensive wine list and their delicious tapas. Wine is half off on Mondays so...

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Bourbon Whiskey & Wine At Acadiana

Join us on Fat Tuesday for Bourbon, Whiskey, & Wine at Acadiana. VENUE: “Acadiana is a contemporary Louisiana eatery, the only restaurant in the nation's capital to serve Louisiana cuisine at a heightened level of elegance.” ABOUT THE CHEF: “Chef Jeff Tunks...

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Flavors of Italy – Wine Dinner at Centrolina

It's the last weekend before the Thanksgiving and I think we should stuff our faces with delicious Italian food and wine. This is not a specific tasting and pairing, just a night of pure indulges in all things Italian. About the venue: "Authentic, regional Italian...

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