Business Owners, Associations, and Nonprofits.
Your Exclusive Event is custom designed specifically to your vision, wants, and wishes. We are committed to planning your exclusive event where you continue to build lucrative relationships with your clients, fans, or members.
This is a collaborative collaboration! By working together we are able to ensure that you meet not only your business goals, but your personal goals as well.
Whether you want to host your event on a luxury cruise ship, exotic resort, or private villa…your wish is our my command. We are able to provide you with the kind of profitable exclusive event that you want.
We take care of all group marketing needed to promote your event. This includes social media marketing, direct mail marketing, a private group website, and much more.
What We Offer.
How We Work.
Our Process
What can we do for you? Do you need a special events group planner that specializes in managing and leading groups projects? How about a travel agency that specializes in exclusive group travel worldwide? Then you have found your partner.
Strategy Session
To begin, we work with you to discover your needs, wants, and priorities for your event. We learn every specific detail in order to ensure you not only reach your goals, but that you and your guests have an unforgettable experience. We work with you to develop your budget, timeline, while always striving to save you money.
Create Schedule
Next, we create a master timeline, indicating each task and milestone that will be completed. We provide continuous communication and a weekly reports to you on how your event is progressing. Everything is recorded and tracked so you can rest assured that everything is being taken care of.
Selecting Your Destination & Venue
Because of our affiliation with Cadence Travel, a Virtuoso Member and relationships with industry leaders that we have built over the last 5 year, you have access to top luxury travel partners worldwide. You will not only received additional amenities, that you can’t get on your own, but VIP treatment in over 1100 destinations. We only work with vendors that have proven to be the best of the best in service and quality. Also, each site that we recommend to you has been experienced by one of us. Once you have selected your desired venue we will get to work planning your event.
Negotiate The Contract
Contract negotiations are extremely important. It doesn't matter if your venue is a luxury cruise ship, hotel, resort, or transportation company, we will take care of you. It is our top priority that we make sure you receive the best rate, terms, and that your interests are always protected.
Manage Guest Registration
To efficiently manage your RSVP's you receive a private group website. Your website will include details about your event, destination, flight requirements, etc. You and your guests will receive automatic reminders on important information. You will also have the ability to process payments online. Everything is automated to ensure a smooth transaction for you and your guests.
We Take Care Of Everything
When we say that we take care of everything, that means EVERYTHING. We arrange all meals, entertainment, guest speakers, marketing material, PR, staging, and additional activities for your family members(if they will be in attendance). Every detail is taken care of allowing you to simply enjoy your event. We make sure that everything happens exactly how you've envisioned it.
That's A Wrap
Finally, during the final days of your event, we survey your guests to learn the good, the great, the could be improved upon. We also prepare them to do it all again next year(if you choose to make it an annual event). You will receive a final report documenting every detail of your event.