My love for travel, and sharing that love with other liked-minded people, is very important to me. My mission is to earn not only your business but your friendship for life. I think it is an honor for people to entrust their travel dreams with me. For many of you, this is something you have been dreaming about for years, so I make it my duty to ensure each of your wishes and wants happen just like you've envisioned. I want to change lives one journey at a time…each and every time. Probably the single greatest thing that separates me from other leading luxury travel agencies is my size. I am small and proud of it. I have no intention of being "big." I provide a VIP service that requires me to get to know you and your group's travel wants.

Being small allows me many luxuries that benefit you. For one, I am able to custom-design every single itinerary. You come to me interested in traveling to a specific destination with your group, and we design your itinerary together. My years of luxury group travel planning experiences, as well as my extensive contacts within the world's best hotels, airlines, cruises, and tour operators, enable you to access many exclusive value-added amenities. You will work one-on-one with me, the owner of the company. I have a long-term view in mind and am most concerned with the long-term relationship with you, not the short-term gain. I am passionate about travel, but am just as passionate about your group's experience. When I design your group's itinerary, I want to expose you to the magic of travel and keep your needs in mind.

Finally, as a small luxury travel agency, I don’t have to worry about volume discounts with specific suppliers and then push on you in order to meet volume. No, I am able to listen to you and incorporate everything you desire. I then present your group with an itinerary that perfectly fits your group's budget, timeframe, and travel tastes. This could mean organizing a cruise around the world, or something as specific as arranging cooking classes with an award-winning chef or the ability to play a round of golf at an exclusive golf course. Whatever your group’s travel dreams are, I can help you achieve them.

If you would like to learn more about our future trips and events contact me, N’Teasha Brownlee, at (571) 207-5804 or email I can also be reached by Skype: nteasha.brownlee.

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N'Teasha Brownlee

N'Teasha Brownlee


Foodie/Gourmand, Travel Obsessed, Wine Lover