There has never been an easier time in history to raise funds and awareness for your nonprofit. With the many options of social media sites and immediate access to people with money, you can truly connect directly to just about anyone. As a luxury group travel advisor and an advocate for giving back to the community that has nurtured me, I love being a part of this world. My personal causes are Veterans, animals, and the planet. I love to give as much money and time as I can to each of these causes. With this, I wanted to research how I could help beyond just my wallet, so I have come up with a list that pertains to the travel industry.

1. Cruise – Taking a cruise is a great way to not only get your current partners to participate more, but to gain exposure to new partners. A cruise is an all-inclusive way to gather everyone in one location, see the world, and educate them on your cause. If you are raising money to help countries like Haiti, for instance, you would pick a ship with an itinerary that goes to Haiti and make that the highlight of your trip. You can use your time in port to volunteer while there or bring additional supplies that you have gathered from your partners. After that, you can continue the celebration and partying at additional ports. Or better yet, why not select a volunteer opportunity in each port as your excursion and do good at each of them. A cruise makes it not only convenient to get to the destination, but fun as well. In this way, you’ve not only raised money with the actual cruise, but also helped your different affiliate charities get some free labor.

2. Voluntourism/retreat – This is where you pick a destination – this could be your sister organization – and go there to provide labor. You will spend a few days working and helping out there, and then spend a few days relaxing at a spa or meeting with your partners.

3. Suitcase Party – This is an event where you, along with your travel advisor, host a lunch or dinner. You invite the community to join and offer them auction options of local and international trips. You, the nonprofit, receive all of the proceeds of the evening and auction and it costs you nothing to plan and host. The travel advisor plans the entire night.

These are just a few ideas that allow people who love traveling to give back. This doesn't have to be overseas; you can create this right here in your own backyard. Have fun while helping others. It’s a win-win.

If you need help with figuring out how to get started, please contact me, N’Teasha Brownlee, at (571) 207-5804 or email I can also be reached by Skype @nteasha.brownlee.

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